Thursday, September 16, 2010

Surprise Showerrrr

I promised I'd write about the surprise baby shower that four of my dear friends threw for me, so here we go! One day my good friend Blythe (check out her blog too, it's great!) asked me what I was doing the following Sunday, because she had something in store for me, but she wasn't going to tell me what we'd be doing or where we'd be going. After much nagging to try to get the secret out of her, I resigned to the fact that I would have to be surprised. And surprised I was! She called me that Sunday morning and told me to meet at her house at 1 pm and to dress as if I was going to a brunch. BUT - she said it was NOT a brunch. Huuuuh? Alrighty Blythers, I shall do as you instruct.

So I arrived at Blythe's and after parking across the street and being accosted by Jehovah's Witnesses from halfway in my car, made my way to the doorstep. Blythe and I walked out to her car on the driveway (a distraction ploy, I'd soon realize) and then she said "Oh wait, before we leave, someone left a ring in the backyard the night of my party, maybe you know whose it is". (She had had a really super rad make-your-own-grilled-cheese-sandwich birthday party the weekend before). So, we ran back inside and toward the backyard, and when we stepped outside there were my pals Angie, Gina, and Rian standing beside a picnic table set with uhhmmaaaazing delicious food!! I immediately BURST into tears - helllo hormones! Anyway, they had set up a gorgeous outdoor lunch with the yummiest food ever: turkey sandwiches, chips and salsa, fruit salad, a delish non-alcoholic margarita-ish concoction, and much more. They threw me a baby shower because they weren't able to make it to my other one. Isn't that so sweet? I have great friends.

It was so fun catching up with the gals and eating great food on a perrrfectly sunny September day.

Blythe MADE this quilt for Levi....it's the coolest! Loveloveloveee the color combos!

Gina made these adorable strawberry shortcakes with Leev's name on them in blueberries :)

All photos were taken by the talented Blythe Hill

Thank you to Blythe, Gina, Rian, and Angie for the best super surprise shower everrr! :)
Love you guys!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

All's Well!

Went to the doctor last Thursday and it's confirmed...Levi is HEAD DOWN and ready to go! It was hard for her to tell at first, his "boney butt" (her words by the way) made it difficult to know which end was up, but she did an ultrasound and sure enough, his little head is right where it's supposed to be! It was cute seeing the back of his head and his little ears in the ultrasound. So we're good to go!

Then today I had my 37 week checkup and I am 1 cm. dilated and 50% effaced!! AHH!! Now, I know that being 1 cm. dilated is not a huge deal, and I could stay stuck there for awhile, but it's still pretty exciting. Things are finally happening, there is a light at the end of the tunnel! No pun intended...ew! ;) Doc says it's unlikely I'll go past my due date, but we'll see. Now all I have to do is wait and prepare as much as I can.

Speaking of preparation, Clay and I finished our birth preparation classes a couple weeks ago, went to a tour of the hospital on Monday, and went to a breastfeeding class last night. The breastfeeding class was REALLY helpful, and gave me a lot more confidence. So many people tell me horror stories of how hard it is to breastfeed, how it is excruciatingly painful, this problem and that...it gets discouraging. But it's something I really want to do, so I'm trying to just set my mind to it. I'm expecting it to be hard, but I hope I can just set my mind to it and succeed.

By the way, my next post will be about a beautiful surprise baby shower that a few of my friends threw me (they couldn't make it to the real shower). And there will be pictures! :)


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