Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Here we go again.

Hi! I'm back. I've been thinking about this blog again lately, and how it has captured a time in my life that seems like a million years ago. It's inspired me to start writing again, not everyday, not any specific amount of times a week, but as much as I can. More than anything, this is a time capsule for me to look back on, and maybe Levi will even read it some day. I have been truly realizing how little moments can slip through your fingers as time edges on. Sometimes the days tend to fade into a blur of routines, errands, and work, and sometimes I forget to appreciate (or even forget, period) the little moments along with the "important" ones. Levi is changing before my eyes, growing physically, emotionally, mentally. His vocabulary is increasing, and the little funny approximations he used to use for words he couldn't quite say are waning. I can have full-on conversations with my little boy; he tells me about his day, about his likes and dislikes, his train collection, his favorite book, the funny part of a movie, a song he loves. It's amazing and heartbreaking all at once. My little baby is turning into a kid, day by day. I want to savor every bit of this time between babyhood and boyhood, because I'm realizing that what everybody says is true: time flies.

So here is my Levi, 2 years and 5 months old. 

Technically this picture is from a couple months ago, but I love it :)

His favorite colors are red, green, and sometimes purple.

His favorite movie is Fantastic Mr. Fox.

His favorite thing in the world is anything with wheels: cars, trucks, trains, etc. etc. He will point out the different types of trucks on the freeway that he learned in his truck book: "Dat's a transporter truck...dat's a tow truck....dat's a delivery truck".

His favorite thing to eat is berries, any kind. Blueberries, or "blees" as they were called, used to be his favorite, but now he is also a fan of blackberries and "red berries", a.k.a strawberries. He also loooooves oatmeal.

His favorite thing to do is go to the park and go down the slides.

He also wants a dog.

Just FYI, I'm thinking of maybe changing the name or URL of my blog. Some of my content has been compromised to due to someone linking it to an inappropriate website. Changes to come!

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