Wednesday, March 27, 2013

♪ If you're going... ♫

Last weekend we took a short road trip up north to San Francisco with our friend Katie in tow.  We first made a pit stop in Placerville, which is outside of the city, to visit one of my best friends for a day, and then it was off to S.F.!

The car ride up, with a sleepy boy who wouldn't nap.

Breakfast in the middle of nowhere.

Stopping to stretch our legs and almost getting blown away. It was insanely windy.
Lindsay's adorable cabin!

The best breakfast!
Cabin livin'.

We explored an old gold mine that was a stone's throw from Lindsay's house.
Hunting for "froggits" (Levi's name for frogs)!

There was a guided audio tour inside the mine...but we ditched it two minutes in and explored it ourselves. 

Another abandoned mine.

Katie bought Levi a geode to break open!

Lindsay, Levi, and the manzanitas.

After our overnight Placerville stop, we finally made it to San Francisco!

Levi reeeeaallllly wanted to see the sealions down at Pier 39.

The Rock.

We had to do the obligatory GGB visit. 

We made it down to SoMa for a food truck park that rotates trucks daily -- they had an awesome Cuban band playing while we sipped Sangria and ate tacos and chicken sliders. 
Lemon head. He insists on eating lemons straight up. 

Lunch in the Haight.

I learned that having a kid along with you in a busy city isn't the most relaxing vacation -- I haven't been to San Francisco, or really stayed in any major city (well, besides L.A.), since having Levi -- but it was still nice to get away for a few days.  We ate delicious food -- high on my priority list -- and explored what is one of my favorite cities. San Francisco, you still have my heart, (even though I have to rep SoCal because rivalry is rivalry). ♥

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