Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Baby Boy Wish List

What's more fun than shopping for yourself? Shopping for your baby. After making the mistake of "window shopping" on the Zara kids website, I'm dreaming of going on a shopping spree for Levi's fall wardrobe...why are baby clothes (or just baby stuff in general) sooo incredibly fun to buy?!

Here's what's on my little wishlist: all items from Zara kids - it's a good thing they don't have online shopping, 'cause I definitely would've made a huge dent in my wallet today.

this little sweater has elbow patches!

i had to add this one as an inside joke...we tease levi for having "spongebob teeth" (the huge gap and square shaped teeth) :P

ok, i wish this came in women's sizes toooo!

little baby harem pants! adorbs.

some sweats for those chilly autumn nights

baby. desert. boots. !!


and these pjs are super cute too (zoom in)! I had to click out of Baby Gap before serious damage could occur to the ol' bank account.

What's your favorite thing to buy for babies?!

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