Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Sheer Genius

So I got myself a sheer black maxi skirt from Urban Outfitters a few months ago, and have only worn it ONCE! I daydream about it all the time, but for some reason I'm always stumped as to what to wear with it, and I don't know why. Picking out a top and shoes to pair it with is my little speedbump. I don't know why it stumps me so much, but it does. I think because I'm so tall and the skirt hits kind of right above my ankles, so it's not-quite-a-maxi, yet not-quite-a-midi skirt, so shoes are a big toughie. Also, it is not as flowy (or SHEER!) as I would prefer. Hmm. I've worn it as a tube dress a few times, with a mini skirt and a black bandeau and a belt, and it was pretty cute, but I'd rather try to wear it the way it's meant to be worn.

 Anywho, I love what other girls do with theirs, so I'm trying to draw some inspiration from out there on the ol' Interweb. Do you like this trend? Have any styling suggestions for me?

images via weheartit.com and stylesight

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